A Very Short History
Nearly 150 years of history in a thimble

 St. Paul’s Lutheran Church was formed on Reformation Sunday in October 1852 by a group of  St. John’s members who were willing to adopt services in both German and English. “The purpose of this religious organization is to acquaint people with the soul-saving teachings of the Gospel of Jesus Christ.”  The original building on South 7th street was completed in 1875. The current 14th century English Gothic-style building was dedicated in October of 1952. The ceiling of the sanctuary   resembles an upside-down ark. A major addition was completed in 1971 “to the service of the people of this parish and the community of Richmond.”   

We Are Part Of National Road Ministries

    On Sunday, November 24, 2019 a special celebration and recognition was held at St. Paul’s. Bishop William Gafkjen, led the service that recognized the beginning of a Shared Ministry with the congregations of St.  Paul’s Lutheran Church, Richmond, IN.  and Zion’s Lutheran Church, Pershing, IN. The churches formed an agreement that outlines the details that includes the worship schedules, financial commitments and the specific details of the shared ministry.  This covenant that was approved by special meetings of both congregations. The church leaders determined that “National Road Ministries ” would be the name for this union. The National Road Ministries has a YouTube page that shares the message of Jesus Christ through videos of worship services.  They are uploaded weekly to the National Road Ministries YouTube page.